Dealing with Sickness

Just shortie on sickness. I’ve come to notice that so many of us parents get so caught up in trying to juggle our daily lives when our kids are sick. Obviously you want to get them better as soon as possible but you can’t put everything on hold? Well, the truth is, you have to. One of you has to completely focus on the sick child/children and that means that everything else, arrangements, birthdays, school and work etc. will just have to wait. This may sound unrealistic to many but look at it this way. Is it more realistic to put your life on hold for two to three working days or to try and juggle your life, your arrangements and your sick one over five to seven days? I have found that if, when my kids are sick, I stop spinning for a second and rearrange my life for the time being so that I can completely focus and hone in on trying to feed them, make sure they drink and stay hydrated, medicate them or take them for a doctors visit if need be. Bath them, dress them in cosy clothes, make them a nice cup of tea and read them a little story, talk to them about how they are feeling, cuddle them, take precautions so that the rest of the family don’t get sick. You won’t believe how just a little of genuinely focused attention on your sick child can speed up their recovery. It’s actually miraculous. I have found that it is literally the difference between 2 days of intensive care versus 6 days of exhaustive running around. I could go on relaying the benefits to you but I think you can see what I mean. After all, if we can’t take this time to get our children well again, what are we spending it on that is so much more important?

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