Yo ho all together,
Hoist the colours high,
Heave ho thief and beggar,
Pirates you and I…

I have sung this to Jack since he was a tiny baby. I know the lyrics aren’t very gentle but, what got me was the melody, and after all, Captain Jack Sparrow is his name sake.
I don’t sing much of a variety to my children but I do sing to them often. I’m not much of a singer and I suppose, the better you know a song, the better you sing it… Ha! in theory.
Jack and Lucy each have their own lullaby that I sing to them mostly and then a handful of others that I chose because it reminds me of them when they were babies. I guess they don’t really have a choice in the matter because I have sung the same songs to them since they were newborns.

It’s quite a special and intimate thing, singing a lullaby. For me, it’s tantamount to a cuddle! When singing to my children, I take a moment to marvel at them, lift their fringes off their faces and get a two minute journey of their lives in my head. It’s truly wonderful and they love it. It has been especially handy during torrid times. The sound of your voice is the most soothing sound for them. It has got my kids to sleep in a tent amid a raging wedding!
If you don’t sing to your kids then start, because it can become too late. If you don’t have kids then start singing straight away when you do. If you do sing to your children then you will know that they really, really don’t care how off-key your voice is or how weird the lyrics are!


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