Christmas is here!!

I’m back!   Long story, computer stolen, data lost blah blah blah, I’m back and glad for it.  So much has happened the last couple of months, I don’t even know where to start….  seeing that it’s nearly Christmas, I’ll start there and talk about the challenge of keeping the dream alive.

Father Christmas , or Farmer Christmas as Jack likes to call it (I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that, Father Christmas could so easily be a farmer… of reindeer and elves)  Anyway, it’s something I take very seriously.  It’s really important to me that my children believe because I really,  really did and I don’t remember the day I discovered he wasn’t real but all the fun I had believing as a child made it all worth it.  It has certainly left behind in me a belief in some kind of magic, which I am eternally grateful for.

I think every family has their own style of making this happen and their own story, a mixture of fantasy and reality.  For instance, Jack knows that Father Christmas doesn’t make all his toys and actually does quite a lot of shopping.  He does most of his shopping in a place called Bangkok, which is where Mum and Dad went on honeymoon and came back with loads of presents. (see post named, So You Want To Go On Holiday…. Without the Kids).

Another one is that Father Christmas couldn’t possibly deliver all the presents to all the children in the world in one night so he has lots of Santa Clauses that help him on the night and those are the guys you see in shops and malls etc.

At home, we do a few things that help keep the dream alive. cookies and milk and carrots on the mantle piece, soot on the present in the fireplace or glitter on the presents under the tree, letters for Father Christmas and stocking at the end of the bed.   I love it and although I know that Father Christmas isn’t real, the joy I get from watching my kids curiosity and wonderment grow fills me with a magical nostalgia and preparing my home and kids for this special time is nothing short of joyful.

Enjoy it, every minute, because it doesn’t last long.

P.S.  Great Christmas Idea

The attached recipe is a dough that makes biscuits that keep for ages.  Make the dough and then get the kids to help you cut them into cool shapes.  Don’t forget to poke a hole in them before bunging them in the oven.  Decorate with icing and stuff once they are cooled, thread a ribbon through and viola!  The most gorgeous christmas tree decorations that are yummy too!  We gave them away as teacher gifts too… AWESOME!

2 thoughts on “Christmas is here!!

  1. Judy says:

    It’s good to see you back; i’ve been wondering what’s happened to you! Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas; and believe me, Father Christmas DOES exist – truly, because we met him in Lapland two years ago when we took Jasper and Rohanna. A tiny cottage in the middle of the forest, reindeer pulling us on a sleigh, a pretty elf who came out to meet us and take us inside to introduce us to the great man himself – and guess what! He knew all about them; the names of their cats, their favourite foods, their best subjects at school – everything. They will never forget it, and neither will we. Keep the magic alive – lots of love to you all.

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