Even though he isn’t around all the time, he is there.

The other night, Lucy woke up at some ungodly hour screaming her head off. I tried to console her but it seemed nothing I could do would calm her. After a while I heard a creak and Chris’s face appeared at the door. He took her from me and held her. There she rested her head in the nape of his neck, utterly becalmed. A contented smile crept over his face.

Chris work’s tirelessly in a stressful industry and has provided our family with everything we could need. I don’t work as hard and take care of our children and our household. Sometimes, as a mum, you can feel quite alone during the endless task of bringing up children because it is the most challenging job in the world I am sure. Chris makes a point of making each of his children laugh each and everyday of their lives, even if he’s only spent 5 bleary minutes with them but during the difficult times, it is so heartwarming and uplifting to be reminded once in a while that I am not alone, he is right there with me, on point, every step of the way.

What did I learn from this: Even though your kids are the most important thing in your life, don’t forget that it is you and your husband that form the nucleus of your family and without that, a lot of happiness can be lost.

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