Guest Blogger Tanya: Training Wheels

Greetings, well after encouraging Brenne to pursue this blog with I thought it was only right that I contribute as a guest blogger.

Chris and Brenne recently went away for the weekend, eager to spend quality time with the kids I put myself and partner’s name (Grunkle) into the ring. The weekend begins with 4-year-old birthday party where Grant and I (the acting parents) look distinctively out-of-place, Grunkle freely tucking into the kids treats and accidentally on purpose kicking the family dog which had a particular affliction to the scent of his pants (suss).  After a skateboarding session we head home where the real parenting begins, dinner, bath-time, bedtime stories and all manner of things, including children, that go bump in the night…

Brenne being Brenne didn’t want to overwhelm Grant and I with too much detail or routine, simply showed me the where the medicine was, how much to take and when, the rest was left up to us and our instincts, which actually gave me more confidence.

The first highlight of parenting stint was dinner time. The TV was off and we sat down to a meal. Grant and I took particular pleasure in probing Jack about his favourite parts of the day, particularly the birthday party where he assured us he was this far away from winning pin the tail on the donkey and confidently reported that he collected the most sweets on the treasure hunt.

Second highlight was bedtime, that sounds horrible, but let me explain…  After dinner Jack was allowed to sit up with us for a while, making him feel rather grown up staying awake little after his baby sister had gone to bed (without so much as a whimper I might add). Jack walks over to the bookshelf and gets two books and tells me that he would like to go to bed and can I read him a story? Bless this child, of course I will sweetheart. After reading both stories twice (I am an Aunty I am can be pretty much convinced into anything) I get up to leave the bed. Jack looks up at me and says ‘Mummy usually cuddles me for a while’ he then calls out to Grunkle to turn off the light and we snuggle for a few minutes of pure bliss!

One of the challenges we faced was the dreaded, I want my mummy! 4-5 hours into his sleep, Jack rises with a bad dream. He is quiet upset and asking for his Mum and Dad, the words no babysitter wants to hear. Grant and I exchange the same look, um, err…. Then Grant comes out with ‘let’s go to the toilet’, brilliant distractions by bladder. And it worked too, followed by a cuddle and he was back to sleep.

After enthusiastically jumping on the parenting bike we took that bad boy for a spin in preparation for the days when that bike will no longer have training wheels.

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