Time Alone

No, not for you, for them.

I was very surprised how young Jack and Lucy enjoyed time by themselves.  From as young as 2 months old, I remember listening to both of them as they googled and gurgled and giggled themselves to sleep or after waking.  I think a key factor in your child’s contentedness is their own self-awareness and this comes from spending time with themselves.  As a mother, you want to tend to your child’s every need but that doesn’t mean they need to be entertained by you or someone else for every second of the day.

I would listen very carefully when hearing something from the nursery and decide if Jack or Lucy really needed me or if they were just announcing their boredom or awakening.  I think it’s healthy for kids to be bored sometimes… it forces them to learn how to entertain themselves.  So so often, an “attention cry” would become a shout and then an utterance and then they end up having a full-on conversation with Teds or Flopsy or Mousy.  They will call out for you sometimes and occasionally I would just shout back, “I hear you my girl, now go to sleep” or “Jack is awake, mummy’s coming in a minute” and take my time getting up and making a cup of coffee, going to the bathroom or whatever.  I’m not saying they must be left for hours, they will let you know when they are getting a bit loneley.  It is so important to give your children the opportunity to be alone so they can learn how to be by themselves happily.

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